Our standard timelapses are shot using Digital SLR cameras.  These not only provide a resolution above 4K / UHD, each individual image is captured as a raw file and can be graded with endless looks and styles.

For a more 'vintage' look, we also occasionally shoot with older cameras.  We can shoot on 35mm film, Medium Format and also Super8 to create the original feel of a particular era.  Our resolutions don't just end at 4K though as we also own various Digital Medium Format cameras and can shoot up to a resolution, per individual image, of 10K which works beautifully for multiple screens and displays.

From a simple pan to a six axis, repeatable move, the possibilities in camera movements are endless.  Our track doesn't just sit in the 'traditional' orientation on the deck as it can be rigged vertically, horizontally and even upside down for a birds-eye view.  It's all built to be lightweight and there's not one location we haven't been able to get it to by walking. All powered by 12V batteries, it's been used in temperatures from -42°C to +50°C.

We also design and build one-off custom rigs for those special shooting occasions - if you can think of a camera move, we can do it!