Weather, Location, Height

Every shoot we undertake goes through a thorough process of planning.  Our origins in Britain means we're obsessed with the weather so we'll try and juggle the shoot to match your requirements.  We'll then either recce in person if available or research the locations online to make sure we can get the best positions.  We're big fans of The Photographer's Ephemeris here at Chadchud and use this for accurate sunrise / sunset measurements.


Kit, Power, Preparation

Our kit is selected for the environment we shoot in be it deep in snow in Greenland or basking in heat in Africa. All of the kit is powered with portable batteries and for long term solutions, we use solar panels or currently in Iceland, one of our rigs is powered via a geothermal generator!   For every shoot we always carry a complimentary set of spares which came in very handy when a bear in Finland decided to find out what our camera tasted like!


Grade, Render, Encode

If you'd rather receive an uncompresed video file than tens of thousands of pictures at the end of a shoot, we can do this too.  For single day shoots, we can offer a fast turnaround service and get the footage to you normally within twenty four hours.   Once we've backed up the files to our drives, we edit them in Adobe Lightroom, render each image then combine them into an uncompressed video file.

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