I know I usually release my showreel at some point in January but it's been a hell of a start to 2017!  All good though may I add,  and for reasons that I can't disclose just yet, you'll just have to wait for my excuses - they're pretty good though!

Without further ado, here's what I got up to last year:

We did a lot of island hopping in 2016 - Fuertaventura, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Ibiza, Cape Verde (Boa Vista & Sal), Rhodes, Crete, Menorca, Majorca and The Isle of Wight to name a few. We also did a lot of mainland shoots in Germany, Spain, Wales, England, Scotland, Holland, Egypt, Italy and France.

All the shots here were either shot or broadcast in 2016.  We can't always release the footage from shoots the year before as we've signed various contracts.  There's a few films we shot last year but you won't see one of those until the 2018 reel comes out!

Kit wise, I'm still shooting on Canons - 5DIII and IV's.  I have used the Sony A7sII for a few shoots but it's just not as tough as the canons - various failures means I always carry a spare Canon with me!

We had a chance to play with quite a few different lenses this year as well as our usual plethora of Canons - Arri, Cooke and Panavision anamorphics have all been used and I had a chance to shoot with our newest lens, the Petzval!

I'm still using Dynamic Perception kit - stage 0 and 1 and the R rotary system - nothing to complain about here as it's been the most reliable kit I've ever used along with my Canons.

Right - I'm off to Barcelona for a commercial - see you in a year for more of the same, but different locations ;-)