I know, I know - everybody releases their reel in January and it's pushing into March but sometimes, time and tide awaits no man, or woman.  So, without further ado...

Traditionally, there's normally a lull in January for tv folk in the UK - it's cold, wet and miserable and nobody wants that on their tv screens so production companies take time out.  This is where I'd normally sit down with a cup of tea and put together my reel of work from the previous year.  

With the advent of 24/7 content, I find my Januarys are no longer free which is great news as sitting around drinking tea is nice, but shooting is my real love, so apologies for my tardiness in delivering my normally-on-time visuals if you were expecting them.

In an award-winning style speech, I'd like to thank the following companies for allowing me to continue to shoot solely timelapse as an actual career and for taking many chance on crazy ideas and rigs: Stepping Stone Media, Ilan Eshkeri, BBC, Google, Apple, Grow Wild, Trailer Park, ITN Productions, HLA, ZUT,  Boreham Media, Shoot the company, Nextshoot, Arrival, DMS Media and Iceni

Kit wise, I'd like to thank Canon UK, Dynamic Perception and 3 Legged Thing for their continued support and very reliable products!

Right - formalities over - here's the Reel: