Pain like I'd never felt before rippled through my body. It came in sharp bursts, entwined with many emotions. My heart had been ripped out and I was left in a dark place. The sudden death of my Mother in March last year has left me with many scars, the most visible being the onset of Vitiligo.

Grief plays out different for everyone and for me, I had to keep my mind occupied. Around the same time, I'd been asked by a client to grab a couple of shots of a tree fern growing. Nothing too demanding, just the initial stage of growth.

Most probably because I was an emotional wreck at the time, I became quite attached to this fern I was filming and decided that making a short film of its complete growth would be the distraction I needed between my regular shoots.

It's taken over a year as there were a couple of shots I wanted to make that I didn't shoot the first time round so had to wait for it to grow again. It's probably a project I'll keep developing over the years as I think of new ways to film it, so watch this space.